Professional Design and Decoration Services

At Beau Monde Design, our hope is to enhance the joyous experience of celebrations and of the seasons. We are a one-stop design and build solution that promises to create the most unique and bespoke surroundings for weddings, events and holiday celebrations.

Beau Monde Design pulls from experience, talent and resource of its parent company which has of 50 years of experience in producing floral and seasonal decorations for the world markets. We pride ourselves in the quality and innovations of our products and have had high praises from our long standing client base.

We believe that with our unique position in experience and design, and in having such a large support team, Beau Monde Design is capable to provide a wide range of personalized service to meet our clients’ needs. From casinos in Macau to shopping malls, hotels and offices in Hong Kong, we have delivered some of the most exciting holiday interiors the market has seen.